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Alpha Etalon

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Double Etalon

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New developments & News

Vacancy for an Optical Engineer

Hovemere currently has a vacancy for an Optical Engineer: Qualified to at least degree level in physics, preferably with a postgraduate qualification as well, the ideal candidate will have a strong interest and/or background in optics and instrumentation development. For further information please send an e-mail to info[at] enclosing a CV or giving details about your qualifications and experience. Please put 'Optical Engineer' in the subject line of your e-mail.

Hovemere evaluates the Alexandrite Laser

Hovemere has used its expertise in Lidar development and use to support evaluation of the exciting new diode-pumped Alexandrite Laser developed by Midaz Lasers for space-based remote sensing.

Hovemere joins 'Green-Wake'

Hovemere has joined the consortium of the FP7 project 'Green-Wake' and will take responsibility for designing and building the Lidar system for detection of wake vortexes and wind shear which is being developed as part of that project. Wake vortexes and wind shear are potential causes of accidents and injuries to passengers and crew of all aircraft types, particularly during takeoff and landing. Successful development of the Green-Wake system would also offer an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the world's busiest airports, reducing journey times and passenger delays.

Hovemere contributes to the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)

A milestone has been passed in the development of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) with the delivery of the conceptual design of the Adaptive Optics Calibration Unit (AOCU) for this instrument. Hovemere has been collaborating with Active Space Technologies S.A. from Portugal to design this critical instrument which will allow the groundbreaking E-ELT to reach its full potential.


Automated transfer vehicle - Hovemere projects

Automated transfer vehicle

Hovemere was part of an international ESA team analysing and studying the compendium of re-entry observational data from the destructive re-entry of ATV-1 Jules Verne.

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Airborne Lidar Systems - Hovemere projects

Airborne Lidar Systems

Hovemere has been involved in three EC-funded projects where it has had a responsibility for developing Lidar-based solutions for detection of atmospheric hazards to aircraft.

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The new CSE-16

CSE-16 - Capacitance Stabilised Etalon - Hovemere Products

The latest in high precision optical filters, the 16-bit capacitance stabilised etalon, the CSE-16. This instrument is a significant development on our own highly successful 12 bit CSE.

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YES - Hovemere Products

Hovemere is an agent for the advanced environmental sensing products from Yankee Environmental Systems Inc (YES).

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